Best Bike Tool Kit

There are many accessories that you need for your bike. Most are obvious, helmet, a bike lock, and maybe some panniers. But one of the most important accessory is one that a lot of people forget.

Buying a tool kit for your bike is essential. Most people don’t buy one until something happens. A tire bursts or something comes loose and suddenly you don’t have any way of fixing it. 

Some tool kits can easily be attached to your bike or packed away in your bag. Others are much more industrial and better suited to working on bikes at home. There are lots of different kits available, so it’s important to find exactly what you need.

Best Bike Tool Kit

If the ability to fix and tune up your own bike is appealing, then you absolutely need to invest in a bike tool kit.

To help guide you through all the different kinds, we’ve put together a list of the best bike tool kits. Read on for all the best kits available, as well as a few tips to give you some more information before you buy.

Need to fix something ASAP and don’t have time to browse? No problem, here’s our top pick for the best bike tool kit.


Bicycle Repair Bag & Bicycle Tire Pump, Home Bike Tool Portable Patches Fixes, Fixe, Inflator, Maintenance for Camping Travel Essentials Tool Bag Bike Repair Tool Kit Safety Emergency All in One Tool

Tools Included

  • 16 in 1 Tool

  • Wrench

  • Thread Crank

  • Glueless Patches

  • Tire Lever

  • Allen Wrench

  • Mini Bike Pump

Our top pick for the best bike tool kit is the XCH Robots Store kit. Due to its compact style, good range of tools, and ability to be easily attached to the bike.

This bike kit is great for on the go. All of the tools pack neatly away into a compact bag. The bag has straps so will easily slip on to the top tube of your bike.

But it is also small enough to be packed away into a bag without taking up too much space.

The tools included in this kit aren’t too complicated. But this is a good thing. Some of the other options on this list have a lot of professional-grade tools.

These aren’t necessary if you just need a few tools for when you run into difficulties. 

If your main concern is getting a puncture or your chain coming off, then you don’t need a huge kit with lots of heavy-duty tools.  

This is a great little kit to have on you to make sure that, should anything happen, you’re prepared.

This is a “just in case” kit that may never be used. But that’s a much better option than being stuck with no way of riding your bike. 

Due to this, it’s also great that this kit is so affordable. You don’t need to spend hundreds on tools that you may never use. 


  • Bag included

  • Attaches to bike

  • Affordable

  • Includes pump


  • May get in the way of water bottle cage


Beacon Pet Bike Tire Repair Kit with Mini Pump and Saddle Bag,16 in 1 Screwdriver Wrench Tool Kit,Tyre Levers&Tire Patch,Portable Cycling Bicycle Multitool for Road and Mountain Bikes

Tools Included

  • Hose with Nozzle Adapter

  • Tire Lever

  • Box

  • 2 Screwdrivers

  • Mini Pump with Pressure Gauge

  • Gas Needle Adapter

  • 10 Glueless Tire Patches

  • Bracket

  • 16 in 1 Tool

This tool kit is a great option if you’re a casual cyclist. This isn’t the kind of tool kit that will let you dismantle and play about with your bike.

But it will allow you to fix a lot of issues that may come up while you’re out and about.  

The inclusion of a bike pump and tire patches means that you can fix a puncture and get going again in no time.

You won’t find yourself having to suddenly push your bike (with only one full wheel) for who knows how far.  

This is a really practical tool kit as it comes in a very small and compact bag. This bag attaches to the bike and sits under the saddle.

So it definitely won’t get in the way. This is the sort of tool kit that can be bought, attached to your bike, and then forgotten about until you need it.

This is ideal for long cycling trips or just your daily commute. Although the bag sits under the saddle, it can be easily accessed. You won’t even need to unstrap it. Just unzip and easily grab whichever tool you need.

This is one reason why it’s so great that this tool kit is also very affordable. For something that you will use sparingly, you don’t need to invest huge amounts of money. 

Another useful travel-size feature is the 16 in 1 tool. Some other toolkits which are much larger and more professional have a huge range of wrenches, screwdrivers, and spanners.

This isn’t necessary for fixing something small. 

So the inclusion of a few small screwdrivers, a few different style wrenches, and a selection of Allen keys all within one small tool is a really great addition.

You have a huge number of tools all tucked away under your saddle. 


  • Attaches to bike

  • Includes high-quality tools

  • Includes comprehensive multitool

  • Affordable 


  • More specifically intended for tire repair


Hommie Bike Repair Tool Kits, 16-in-1 Bicycle Saddle Bag with Repair Set, Mechanic Portable Tyre Tools Set Bag with Reflective Strip

Tools Included

  • 16 in 1 Tool

  • 3 Tire Levers

  • 6 Tire Patches

  • File

This bike tool kit doesn’t have very many tools included but it has enough. This Hommie kit has the fewest number of tools compared to other options on this list.  

It only has a multitool, a set of three brackets, a file, and 6 tire patches. But don’t let that put you off. Don’t be tempted to buy the most expensive tool kit with the most tools, just because you think that you should.

If you don’t expect to need anything more than a few patches to cover a small puncture and some Allen keys, then you don’t need more than this tool kit.  

This compact kit fits neatly underneath the saddle and won’t get in the way at all. It has everything you need to fix minor issues yourself.

If nothing else, it will allow you to ride the rest of the way to the bike shop to get a professional repair.  

A great feature of this tool kit is the addition of a reflective strip on the bag. This isn’t a necessary feature of a tool kit.

So it’s a good indicator of the expertise and reliability of the manufacturer. This extra consideration is also shown in the way it easily and safely attaches to the bike.   

Unlike some poorer quality options, this tool kit isn’t simply attached with a buckle strap.

This tool kit is attached to the seat post with an adjustable velcro strap and two side straps that attach to the saddle itself.   


  • Bag included

  • Bag attaches securely

  • Affordable


  • Limited tools included


Bikehand 37pcs Bike Bicycle Repair Tool Kit with Torque Wrench - Quality Tools Kit Set for Mountain Bike Road Bike Maintenance in a Neat Storage Case

The Triple Eight Gotham Water Helmet is one that doesn’t compromise between comfort and protection.

With its high-density ABS outer shell and its foam-padded three-layer water liner, with this helmet, we can assure you that you will get the best of both worlds.

Created with medium to high impact water sports in mind, this model is highly commended in the water sports market for its flexibility and adaptability.

Available in four sizes and fitted with adjustable straps, the helmet is suitable for a wide range of people.

The suction-like cushioned fit and the snug-fitting straps mean that you wouldn’t have to worry about the helmet moving around your head or coming off with the water.

The Velcro sweat-absorbing halo can be easily removed and washed which is not something that you are typically able to do with protective headwear.

Designed exclusively for water, this helmet not only meets the water sport safety standards but consists of several specific features that have the comfort and safety of surfers like you, in mind.

Overall, if comfort is something that you are particularly drawn to, we suggest you have a good look at this helmet when weighing up your options.


  • Lightweight
  • Super comfy
  • Reasonably priced
  • Stylish, expensive look
  • A removable, washable inside layer


  • Sizing seems to be on the smaller side so be careful when ordering


BIKEHAND 19 Piece Bike Bicycle Repair Tool Kit Set - Great Bike Maintenance Tools for Mountain & Road Bike - Bike Tools Kit Set Complete with Torque Wrench & Storage Case

Tools Included

  • YC-637 Torque Wrench

  • Chain Rivet Extractor

  • Flat 5mm/Philips Screwdriver

  • Chainring Nut Wrench

  • Tire Lever

  • 8mm Hex key Wrench

  • Pedal Wrench

  • Freewheel Turner

  • Bottom Bracket Wrench

  • 13mm-16mm Hub Cone Spanners (Set of 2 Pieces)

  • Lockring Remover

  • Crank Puller

  • 0.127”, 0.13”, 0.136” Spoke Wrenches

  • Cartridge B.B. Tool

  • 3mm Flat Screwdriver

  • T25 Patch Kit

This tool kit is best suited for somewhere who knows what they are doing. But not necessarily someone who is a complete fanatic. This is a hobbyist’s tool kit. 

It doesn’t have the huge capacity and number of tools like the Bikehand kit. But this isn’t a kit you can carry about either. 

This kit has everything you need to properly fix your bike. But you definitely need some previous knowledge before using it. 

Although this kit doesn’t have as many tools as other similar kits, it is a little pricey. If this kit has tools that you absolutely need, then the price isn’t too high.

It is higher than average, but isn’t very expensive.


  • Wide range of tools included

  • Includes replacement screwdriver heads

  • Comes in compact case


  • Higher than average price

Best Bike Tool Kit Buying Guide

Basic Tools

If you’re new to cycling, you probably just read through this list wondering what situation could possibly require a screwdriver, Allen key, and a wrench.

These probably all seem like quite heavy-duty tools for something you just use for fun or commuting. But it’s still really useful to have some tools on you. (Read on or scroll down for some important reasons why you should buy a bike tool kit).

In general, it’s best to have at the very least a basic set of tools on you. The most necessary bike tools are:

  • Ball End Allen Keys
  • Screwdrivers
  • Open end wrenches
  • Tube patch kit

These tools are the absolute bare minimum. Anything less and you will potentially find yourself in difficulty. There are other tools that will be useful such as a small tire pump or chain lube.

The most important thing to do is consider where you usually ride. If you’re mostly cycling on your commute through a busy city, then what could be your biggest problems? Something sharp on the ground puncturing your tire? 

If you’re more of an off-road cyclist then consider how much strain your chain, breaks, and gears take.

Think about problems you’re most likely to run into. Then, if you need to, add some more specialist tools to your kit. Or choose a larger or more specific kind of tool kit. 


If you’re someone who is regularly dismantling and altering your bike, then you’re going to need a pretty heavy duty kit. You’re going to need a lot of tools that come in a large capacity tool box. You won’t find what you need in anything smaller.

You’re also going to need to invest in something pretty expensive. It isn’t surprising that the bigger the kit you buy, the more tools you will get, and the more money you will have to spend. This is true of any hobby. As you invest more of your time in something, you end up investing more of your money.

If you love messing around with bikes, then there’s no problem with investing in a good quality kit. You will be able to do so much more and have more fun with good quality tools. You’re not just investing in your tools, but in your hobby and in making good use of your spare time. 

If you’re just a casual cyclist who wouldn’t know where to start with altering anything beyond the seat height, you don’t need anything too complicated. The best thing for you is a “just in case kit”. These kinds of kits are small and should be able to be easily attached to your bike.

For this sort of tool kit, you want something that won’t get in the way. This would be a tool kit that comes in a bag. These bags will either be attached underneath the saddle, usually strapped to the seat post. Or they will be strapped onto the top tube. 

This may get in the way of some other accessories. For example, if you have a cage for your water bottle across the top tube. Or maybe that where you store your bike lock when not in use.

Before rushing into buying a tool kit with a bag, make sure to consider how you use your bike. But, something that straps on and is out of the way is the best option. 

Why Having a Bike Tool Kit is Important

In truth, you may go your whole life riding your bike every day and never have an incident. But that isn’t very likely. 

This list has a wide variety of tool kits, some of which are pretty industrial and professional looking. If you’re a casual cyclist who has no interest in messing about and dismantling bikes, then you don’t need something so big and expensive.

If you’re a beginner or just don’t really know much about bikes, then you should still get something simple. It’s a good idea to get a “just in case kit”. Just as you should have a tool kit for your home, you should have a tool kit for your bike. 

You may have a tool kit packed away somewhere deep in your garage, attic, or some random cupboard that you never use. But a tool kit gives you a sense of security that, should something simple break, you will be able to fix it. 

This is the same for your bike. Having a tool kit on you is a good idea. Even if the problem will need professional attention, you should still be able to do a temporary fix that will allow you to get home safely. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should every cyclist carry?

We’ve mentioned above what basics every bike tool kit should have. But, if you don’t want to invest in a full kit, then the bare minimum is some patches and an Allen key set and/or some screwdrivers.

The patches are for covering punctures. The Allen keys and screwdrivers are for when something just needs tightening.

What accessories do I need for a bike?

Alongside a tool kit, the best accessories to get are a helmet, a bike lock, front and rear lights, and a water bottle cage.

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