Best BMX Helmet

Riding a bike without a helmet presents many safety concerns. BMX riding can be a dangerous sport if you do not take the correct safety precautions.

Riding at high speeds while attempting tricks and jumps can result in serious injury should you crash. A helmet is a vital part of your cycling gear protecting you against severe brain or head injuries. 

Best BMX Helmet

Your helmet should be chosen carefully to ensure that it is suitable for your needs. While the safety and sizing of the helmet is paramount, it is also necessary to consider the comfort, the quality, and the adjustable options.

We have reviewed our top five picks of the best BMX helmets. Below, you will find our buyer's guide where we have identified our top tips for selecting the right helmet for you. 

If you are in a hurry we have selected our top pick for you below.


OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet - Two Removable Liners Ventilation Multi-Sport Scooter Roller Skate Inline Skating Rollerblading for Kids, Youth & Adults - L - Black

Suitable for wear by kids, youths, and adults, the OutdoorMaster Skateboard and Cycling Helmet is available in three different sizes from small to large.

Both ASTM and CPSC certified, this helmet is deemed to be structurally safe and can be worn in a range of sports aside from BMX riding including cycling and skating, etc.

The interior of the helmet features removable liners to accommodate different head sizes.

While some may choose to wear the helmet as it is, the addition of an extra liner allows for a more customizable and secure fit. The liners are also easy to wash for maintained quality and freshness. 

With a reinforced ABS shell and thick shock-absorbing core, this helmet is intended to be both safe and comfortable.

If you happen to experience a fall from your bike, the core ensures that your head is provided with adequate protection. 


  • The adjustable dial and chin strap allows you to select the best fit.

  • Backed with a lifetime warranty you are covered should you experience any issues with your purchase.

  • The design allows for effective airflow through the top of the helmet.

  • It is available in three different size options. 

  • Available in a range of colors you can select your preferred option.


  • Some may find that the sizing of this helmet runs on the smaller side.


Flybar Bike Helmet- Multi Sport Dual Certified Adjustable Dial, Skateboard Helmet, Roller Skating, Pogo, Electric Scooter, Snowboard, Boys and Girls Kids- Adults Helmets (Blk,S-M)

The Flybar Multi Sport Helmet is dual certified and is suitable to wear when cycling, skating, skateboarding, and BMX riding.

Made with an ABS outer shell with and EPS inner foam lining, this helmet has been designed with safety and comfort in mind.

Thanks to the strong construction you are also going to be provided with protection against harsh impact. 

Designed with 12 wide stylish vents this is a breathable helmet that allows for effective air circulation.

This means that you can enjoy riding your BMX without being subject to the discomfort of unwanted sweat and moisture. 

This helmet is available in a variety of sizes making it suitable for wear by youths and adults alike.

Should you require a more precise fit, you can use the adjustable dial that can be found on the back of the helmet to alter the sizing. 


  • This helmet is covered with a 1 year satisfaction guarantee. 

  • There are multiple colors and styles to choose from - great for catering to different tastes.

  • The adjustable dial allows you to alter the sizing for a precise and comfortable fit.

  • The solid and rugged design ensures that you are safe when you ride your BMX.

  • The lightweight feel makes it comfortable to wear.


  • The chin strap is a little small which may result in an awkward fit.


DEMON UNITED Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet w/MIPS (Large), Black w/MIPS

Designed with safety as a priority, the DEMON UNITED Podium Full Face Helmet is CPSC certified for safe wear.

This helmet is available in multiple size options and features an adjustable strap for a precise and secure fit.

Weighing a minimal 2ibs 2Oz it is lightweight for comfortable wear. The exterior of the helmet also features 13 air vents for effective airflow.

This allows you to ride with comfort without being faced with the unpleasant build-up of sweat. 

Made with a polycarbonate shell, the exterior of this helmet is solid for improved safety.

The helmet also features a movable visor and an EPS foam liner for comfort. This liner can also be removed and is suitable for washing which helps to maintain the quality and freshness. 

A stylishly designed helmet available in 9 different colors so that you can select your preferred option.

It also comes equipped with a helmet bag for safe storage against possible damage and convenient portability. 


  • As a lightweight helmet, it is going to be comfortable to wear over prolonged periods. 

  • It has been constructed using solid, high-quality materials.

  • The chin strap allows you to adjust the size of the helmet for a comfortable fit. 

  • It is effectively ventilated to create a breathable and comfortable environment. 

  • There are 9 different colors and designs available to cater to different tastes. 


  • The sizing of this helmet runs a little slow so may not be comfortably fitting. 


Bell Drop Youth BMX Bike and Skate Helmet, 7106369, Matte Black

Intended for youth this Bell Drop BMX Bike and Skate Helmet is designed for those between the ages of 8-14, although it is necessary to measure your head beforehand to select the best fitting helmet. 

Safe for wear, it is CPSC and ASTM compliant. The exterior of the helmet features 14 vents for great breathability.

This means that you can enjoy a comfortable ride without any build-up of sweat. 

The hard shell of the helmet protects against any harsh impact. It also features a visor and chin bar.

The cheek pads and neck roll are made using soft materials for improved comfort as you ride your BMX, particularly valuable if you are likely to be riding your bike for prolonged periods.

The side squeeze buckle can also be adjusted if necessary to achieve a comfortable and secure fit.


  • This helmet is CPSC and ASTM compliant. 

  • It offers a sufficient amount of protection to the head and the face.

  • The ventilated design allows the air to circulate through the helmet easily.

  • This price is affordably priced, ideal for those who are on a budget.

  • The interior padding makes this helmet comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.


  • The quality of the helmet could be improved as the padding is prone to peeling. 


Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet, Black Matte, Small / Medium

The Triple Eight Skate and Skateboarding Helmet is dual certified and can be worn for a range of different sporting activities. Alongside BMX riding, this includes skateboarding, riding scooters, and more.

It is also available in multiple size options from extra small to extra large to accommodate different head sizes.

It also comes with two different types of liners, a thin option, and a thick option. This allows you to customize the fit depending on whether it needs to be tighter or looser. 

This helmet is CPSC and ASTM certified for safe wear. The exterior of this helmet has been made with a tough ABS shell to provide protection against harsh contact.

The liners have also been made using EPS foam which also acts as an effective shock absorber. 

The interior padding possesses moisture wicking qualities that are going to absorb unwanted sweat for comfortable prolonged wear.

As mentioned previously these can also be removed if needed so that you can achieve a secure fit.

The chin strap features a buckle release which makes the helmet easy to put on and take off and this can also be adjusted if needed. 


  • There are multiple size options available so you can select the best fitting helmet. 

  • This helmet can be worn for BMX riding and other sporting activities too. 

  • It is robustly designed and made using high-quality materials.

  • There is a range of colors available so you can select your preferred option. 

  • The adjustable features allow you to customize the size for a safe fit. 


  • Some may find the fit of this helmet to be too small and insufficiently fitting. 

Best BMX Helmet Buying Guide

A helmet is going to be an important part of your bike riding gear and so you must ensure that your helmet of choice is compatible with your needs.

We have listed several factors that we would recommend you consider before making your purchase.

The Size

Selecting the right sized helmet is paramount. You don't want to make your purchase only to find that it isn't going to fit.

The majority of helmets can be purchased in a range of different sizes and they tend to cater to particular age demographics. For example, some are marketed towards younger individuals, while others are intended to be worn by teenagers and adults.

Although a helmet may be marketed towards a particular age, there isn't a definite guarantee that it is going to fit. Browsing through the reviews of your chosen helmet beforehand will give you a general feel as to how well the helmet fits.

You will find that many helmets run a little smaller than their stated sizes, so it is necessary to make yourself aware of this issue depending on the model of the helmet that you choose as you can then choose a more suitable fitting helmet for your head size.

The Safety 

BMX helmets are typically certified as safe for wear by the manufacturer.

During the process the helmet would have undergone a number of safety tests to decide whether it is going to provide the necessary protection against high speeds and possible impact from the ground, often the difference between life, death, or severe injury.

Most helmets will be ASTM and CPSC certified to show that it is compliant with the safety rules but also comfortable to wear. 

Opting for a helmet with shock-absorbing layering is preferable, particularly if you are likely to be attempting tricks, jumps, or riding with speed. The layers of shock absorption will help to protect the head from potential injury should you land in an awkward position. 

The Fit

Purchasing a helmet that can be adjusted is helpful in allowing you to secure it to the best fit.

Some helmets feature dials on the back that can be twisted to achieve a particular fit, with other helmets the fit can be altered by the thickness of the foam padding that can be found in the interior of many helmets. 

The padding ensures that the head fits correctly at every angle eliminating the risk of the head sliding around freely.

However, you will find that the majority of helmets feature adjustable straps that allow you to secure the helmet to a safe but comfortable risk ensuring that it remains in place as you embark on a ride on your BMX.

The Construction

BMX helmets are made with a hard shell exterior, typically polycarbonate material.

The interior is often made with an expanded polystyrene liner that tends to be effective in absorbing impact.

The foam also tends to make the helmets much more comfortable against your head.

The Style

BMX helmets are available in two different styles; half shell or full face. Many may choose to opt for a full-face helmet as they provide the greatest amount of protection against the elements.

The main drawback is that the full face coverage can cause a build-up in heat that may result in poorer visibility. A half shell helmet is another popular option. A helmet of this kind protects your head while allowing you to see the road ahead clearly.

The style that you choose is going to largely depend on your preferences. BMX enthusiasts that spend a lot of time on their bikes while attempting tricks may opt for a full face helmet for the enhanced safety.

However, for those that enjoy a casual ride on their BMX, a half shell helmet is likely to provide an adequate amount of protection. 

The Ventilation

A ventilated helmet is preferable although it is important to ensure that you do not compromise on safety.

A BMX helmet that is sufficiently ventilated is going to allow the air to flow through freely, ideal for those who spend a considerable amount of time riding their BMX. The build-up of sweat and moisture is likely to result in a great deal of discomfort.

Breathable materials that dry quickly help to avoid this issue. Your helmet must be safely ventilated, too many vents mean that the level of protection to your head is reduced.

Before making your purchase ensure that your helmet of choice is safe and adequately ventilated for improved comfort. 

The Quality

When purchasing your BMX helmet, you of course want it to be made of excellent quality.

From the quality of the materials used to create the tough exterior of the helmet to the materials used for the interior of the helmet and the straps. The quality of the materials can also be an indicator in regards to how comfortable the helmet is going to be.

A helmet that has been made using high-quality materials is likely to last for a considerable time longer than those made using poor quality, weaker materials. The quality of the helmet may also differ depending on the price.

Those that retail within a cheaper price range are likely to utilize cheaper materials. The durability of the helmet is also influenced by the quality. Poor quality padding is likely to become more susceptible to peeling and detaching from the helmet after a few wears. 

The Cost

BMX helmets can retail at varying price points.

While some come with expensive price tags others are much more affordable.

The main concern is to ensure that the helmet is safe and is going to provide you with the necessary protection should you happen to experience any sort of crash while riding your BMX.

The cheaper models that are certified to be safe to wear are going to provide adequate protection but there may be noticeable differences in the comfort of the helmet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an expensive bike helmet safer?

All helmets have to conform to particular safety regulations before they can be sold.

For this reason, an expensively priced helmet isn't going to be safer than a more affordable $20 to $30 helmet.

The main differences are likely to be identified by the appearance of the helmet and the comfort of the helmet. 

How do I know what size BMX helmet to buy?

You should use a soft tape measure placed the width of two fingers above your eyebrows and ears.

It should also be wrapped around the widest section of your head.

Although it is important to measure the correct size, ensure that you aren't holding the tape too tight against your head as they may cause you to select an insufficient fitting helmet.

Many brands will have a sizing chart that allows you to convert your measurements for the correct size. 

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