Best Hybrid Bikes Under $200

When you want the best hybrid bike on the market, but you’re restricted in terms of your budget, the chances are you’re going to end up at the quirky end of the spectrum – and in particular, you’re likely looking at bikes for kids.

That’s not a reflection on your budget, it’s a generational cost. With the price of materials, and the need for some technology to make your hybrid bike special, children’s bikes are what you get for your dollar. 

Best Hybrid Bikes Under 200

So let’s take a look at the best hybrid bikes under 200, to get you the most hybrid bang for your buck. 

In a hurry? Here’s our top pick.


Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike for Boys, Stone Mountain 20 inch 6-Speed, Metallic Cyan (73808)

The Huffy Hardtail is a bike for kids between 5-9 – four of the big kid adventure years.

The bike is cast in steel, which is generally a good decision in kids’ bikes, combining a useful heaviness with a cost advantage over lighter weight materials like aluminum.

The frame of the Huffy Hardtail is available in three sizes, 13”, 14”, and 17”. The wheels come in three corresponding sizes – 20”, 24”, and 26”.

It’s fitted with linear pull brakes, and delivers a minimum of 6 speeds with an indexed Shimano TZ-31 rear derailleur and a micro-shift twist twister.

What does that mean in non-bike? It means the rider of the Huffy Hardtail will be able to trust their brakes when they need them.

And it also means that when they come to complex terrain like steep hills, they’ll have the gears they need to ride them, rather than having to abandon the idea and wheel their bike.

For those who can handle them or those who need them to deal with rougher or more hilly riding, there’s also a full 21-gear version of the Huffy Hardtail available, which can get younger riders accustomed to the gear ratios of bigger bikes, and their various uses.

To help give a smoother ride and minimize wobble, the bike comes with a suspension fork, and the slight-rise handlebar allows for upright riding.

Upright riding means less strain on the spine and better posture while on your biking adventure. 

In terms of the adventuring, it comes with 20x1.95” tires. That means the Huffy Hardtail can handle anything a kid can throw at it – street riding, gravel, dirt tracks, no waiting.

The Huffy Hardtail might sound like a cartoon squirrel, but it’s really a heck of a lot of hybrid bike for very little cash.

If ridden by anything like a normal kid, it should last them the full four years till they outgrow it and need a bike for those with longer legs.


  • Available in a range of heights and wheel sizes, to fit most kids
  • Comes with 6-speed and 21-speed options
  • Steel construction gives heft and certainty to the bike
  • Linear pull brakes for effective stopping
  • Relative longevity – should last kids the full length of their height-appropriate time on the bike



While we said that hybrid bikes in this price range were more often than not aimed at the children’s market, every now and again, you’ll find a fully grown adult diamond in the budget rough. 

Welcome to the Roadmaster 26-inch Granite Peak mountain bike for men. 

That would be the twinkle of diamond you’re sensing.

Beyond a doubt one of the best adult hybrid bikes under 200, in many ways it’s a grown-up evolution of all the virtues of the Huffy Hardtail.

Steel construction gives the bike some weight and some grunt for tackling rough terrain. Large, 26-inch wheels give you additional stability in environments where it might otherwise be hard to find.

There’s a suspension fork to counter wobble and establish a smooth ride. Linear pull brakes give you the stopping power you need on uncertain ground.

And, with hard-gripping tires, it’s equally at home with street riding as it is in the wild, so it offers that chief benefit of hybrids – multi-environmental function.

When you’re in uncertain territory, it helps to have 18 gears to choose from.

And if you’re going to have 18 gears to choose from, it helps to have rapid twist shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur to help you find the right gear for the terrain in a handful of heartbeats.

Alloy rims add bling, but also more stability, working with the suspension fork.

As one of the most stable hybrid bikes you can buy, and one that’s budget-friendly enough to make it onto our list, you can see why lots of cyclists regard the 26-inch Roadster as the ultimate beginner bike.


  • Steel construction
  • Great balance through a suspension fork and alloy rims
  • 18 gears and rapid twist shifters give options for every terrain
  • A lot of bike for the money


  • Not the best bike for experienced riders


Mongoose Exlipse Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike for Kids, Featuring 15-Inch/Small Steel Frame and 21-Speed Shimano Drivetrain with 24-Inch Wheels, Kickstand Included, Pink

Another bike for kids, the Mongoose Exlipse comes in a one-size-fits-all option, with 24” wheels and steel construction.

That means it brings the strength of steel with a sturdiness that’s always useful in kids’ bikes. Especially in kids’ bikes which bring the full 21 speeds to their mountain biking party.

As we’ve mentioned, having that wide range of speeds allows riders to get to grips with the kinds of gears that work well when they’re faced with particular challenges. Steep upward hills – change gear.

Uncertain downward mountain-goating – change gear. Flat ride home – change gear. The Shimano rear derailleur translates the rider’s intention into precise action that gives a smooth ride, irrespective of the terrain.

And a set of front and rear linear pull brakes gives the rider control over their slowing, stopping, and descent on steep slopes.

The full 21 speeds of the Exlipse give its riders an object lesson in how to use the right gear for the terrain.

Oh, and did we mention it’s pink? Actually, it’s PIIIIIIIINK. Pink as you could possibly want. On the one hand, that will turn off lots of potential riders.

On the other hand, those who love it will really love it, and the bright pink paint job gives the Exlipse an easy way to stand out in the crowd.


  • 21 speeds
  • Steel construction
  • Easy, one-size-fits-all model
  • Linear pull brakes
  • The bright pink paint job will inspire love in some riders


  • Holy cow, but that’s pink. 


We’ve already featured the Roadmaster 26” boys’ mountain bike. Just because the girls’ version comes with wheels that are 2” smaller, that’s no reason not to add it to the list. 

In terms of what makes it special, that’s easy – more or less everything that got the 26” version onto our list holds true of the 24” version.

A mountain bike that’s well-enough behaved to use as a road bike, the Roadmaster is steel-framed with a powder top-coat for extra durability.

A front suspension fork evens out any potential wobbles. And then there are the 18 speeds, accessed through a twist shifter, which trains the rider in the right gears they need to deal with any kind of terrain.

If you want an adventure-forward girls’ mountain bike that’s good enough for street riding too, the Roadmaster in both its size variants has got to be on your list.


  • Strong steel construction
  • 18 speeds and a twist shifter for easy gear-finding
  • Front suspension fork for steadiness of ride
  • Good in many environments


  • Assembly can be difficult


While it’s at the higher end of the price spectrum to qualify for this list, our second Mongoose is inescapable.

The Ledge 2.1 is a Mongoose for grown-ups, as proved by the fact that it comes in two wheel-sizes, 26" and 27.5".

It’s also the first bike on our list to ditch the heaviness of steel for the lightweight alternative of aluminum.

That gives the adult Mongoose more flexibility and freedom, without compromising on the strength of its construction. 

A full roster of 21 speeds is available to the ride of the Ledge 2.1, with simple twist shifters to move between the gears depending on the needs of the terrain.

A Shimano TZ-30 rear derailleur and linear pull brakes give you control over your stopping force too.

There’s a full suspension frame in the Ledge 2.1, which boosts the ride comfort – though it would be a mistake to go mountain biking and expect anything too buttery-smooth.

That’s not why you go mountain biking, is it? For an easy life?

You want a point somewhere between the ability to feel the wild under your tires, and a rumbling vibration that numbs your butt till it feels like it’s about to drop off.

The Ledge 2.1 will certainly let you feel your mountain biking adventure, but it has enough mitigation to stop you feeling uncomfortably numb.

As a Mongoose for the modern mountain biker, the Ledge 2.1 is definitely worth checking out – it brings you an aluminum construction and a full roster of gears for the same cost as many a steel-framed bike for your kids. 


  • Aluminum frame for lightness and maneuverability
  • 21 speeds and a rear derailleur
  • Linear pull brakes
  • A full suspension frame to mitigate wobble and vibration


  • Potentially falls between two stools – high-quality options on a budget can lead to a feeling of overreaching


Thruster 700C Urban Fixie Bike Black / Red

After a brief sojourn in aluminum territory, the Kent Thruster 700c Urban Fixie takes us back to the sturdiness of steel construction.

If well maintained, that means the Urban Fixie is going to last you a good while. There are reasons Superman is the Man of Steel, not the Man of Aluminum.

Steel is robust, harder to damage, and gives a sense of longer-lasting strength.

Cantilever brakes make for an interesting choice on this bike, and it’s worth remembering that the Urban Fixie is exactly what it says it is – mostly a street kitty, useful for commuting about city streets, rather than dealing with the rugged challenges of trail riding.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say this is a bike that’s worth buying mostly if you’re looking for a nippy city run-about, rather than a truly full-on hybrid, because it would be almost funny to see it try to keep up in the wild, like when stockbrokers go on Survivor. 

That said, just occasionally a stockbroker wins Survivor. With 700C tires, alloy rims, and a steel rise stem, this is a stockbroker that might, on its day, still surprise you.

Mostly urban, it might just have enough wildcat in its soul to tackle the local wilderness if you ride it tight. 

The Urban Fixie is a steel-framed bike that looks good and was born to prowl urban streets. With a little engineered intent though, you might be in for some interesting adventures when you take it out of its natural comfort zone.


  • Steel construction for ruggedness and strength
  • Cantilever brakes
  • Dependable urban bike
  • 700c tires with alloy rims suggest it’s up for some mountain adventuring


  • Promises multi-environment function, but most at home in urban territory
  • Bike will need regular maintenance


Getting a Schwinn hybrid – and for grown-ups – within this price range would be one of those moments of triumph you’d boast about at work for weeks on end. 

Welcome to the Schwinn Copeland – codenamed “The Boastmaker.”

Of course, Schwinn on a budget means you won’t get some of the fancy-pants elements for which higher-priced Schwinn models are famous. We’re firmly in steel-frame territory here, rather than the aluminum of higher-spec Schwinn bikes.

That said, there’s lots to love about the Copeland.

The steel frame puts it firmly among its playmates at this price level, and being Schwinn, it’s been engineered for flexibility within an inch of its steel life.

It also brings a full roster of 21 speeds to its game.

That means you get the feeling of real hardcore biking, and the control over your destiny that comes with being able to adopt the right speed and gear for the terrain you’re facing. 

Twist shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur give you that swiftness of action whenever you need it. 

Brakewise, you’re looking at linear pull brakes, which give you the gift of softness. That can be useful both on street rides and in rougher territory, because there’s less jarring than there would be with other, more digital, stop-go systems.

And the Copeland is designed with 700c wheels, alloy rims, and sport tires. That means it comes equipped for most of what you could possibly want to throw at it.

A sturdy street bike with enough grunt to deal with bike paths, it’s a weekday street bike that wants to cut loose and go wild on the weekends. 

That’s more or less the definition of a hybrid bike, and for under $200, the Copeland delivers you options and satisfaction in spades. 


  • Steel construction for durability and strength
  • 21 gears to give you full multi-environmental function
  • Twist shifters for rapid gear selection
  • Linear pull brakes
  • A lot of Schwinn bike at a low price-point


  • While budget is in the Copeland’s favor, an aluminum frame on this bike would take it to the next level


Dynacraft Vertical Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Girls 24 Inch Wheels with 18 Speed Grip Shiter and Dual Hand Brakes in Teal and Pink

The Dynacraft Vertical Alpine Eagle brings you a dual-suspension mountain bike for under $200.

With 24” wheels and an adjustable seat post, the Vertical Alpine announces its intention to play hard, while the verticality makes it look a little unlike most mountain bikes on the market. 

You want more evidence it’s here to play?

It brings the full 21 gears to the party, meaning it can tackle anything from flat urban streets to full-on mountain biking with little drama. That’s aided by the Shimano grip shifters and rear derailleur.

Extra smoothness of ride is delivered via a full suspension frame, and front and rear V-brakes give the rider all the control they need to get wild in the wild.

There’s style here too – the Vertical Alpine Eagle comes with distinctive paint jobs that make it look like little if anything else on the market.

That means you’re easy for other riders to spot on the trail, and also that you’re stylin’ when you’re street riding – because if you can, why wouldn’t you? 

The Vertical Alpine Eagle looks different, and plays different, but brings some of the essentials you need for full-on hybrid fun.


  • 21 speeds for terrain mastery
  • Full suspension frame for stability and comfort
  • Shimano grip shifters and rear derailleur
  • Stylish look


  • One look, one weight, one wheel size – 24” – make this a limited offering


Vilano Step Through City Bike 7 Speed Hybrid Urban Retro Commuter for Adults

It probably takes you longer to say the name of this bike than it does to get you up and riding it. 

The Vilano Retro Urban Commuter is, as the name suggests, a bike for everyday commuting more than it is for wild and crazy off-road adventurers.

As such, it brings just the 7 ‘everyday’ speeds to your party, though it gives you twist grip shifters to choose between the gears easily.

Made of steel, it comes in just the single size option – 21” – but it adds linear pull brakes to its profile to give you additional control. 

With a classic cruiser handlebar (that’ll be the ‘Retro’ in its name for you), the Retro Urban Commuter lets you ride upright, which many of the more competitive mountain bikes won’t do.

As such, if you’re looking for a hybrid that’s mostly for your urban commute, the Retro Urban Commuter has your needs written all over it.

If you’re looking for something equally at home on the streets and on the trails though, you might need to look elsewhere. 


  • 7 gears and a twist shifter
  • Linear pull brakes give you control over your stopping power
  • Classic cruiser handlebar allows you to ride upright for better posture


  • Not especially happy to play outside its comfort zone 


We’ve seen bikes with 7 speeds, bikes with 18 speeds, and bikes with 21 speeds on this list.

Hiland’s commuter bike splits the difference, giving you 14 speeds. That’s twice as many as most commuter-only bikes.

Available in three main sizes, from the 19.5-inch version, through the 21-inch and up to the 23-inch, it provides a biking option for riders from 5’6” all the way up to 6’2”. 

It brings a durable hi-Ten steel frame and a suspension fork into play to give you a smoother and more comfortable ride. 

Where many hybrid bikes in this price range use twist shifters to give you control over your gears, the Hiland uses a Shimano SY20A thumb shifter to flick you between your 14 speed options. 

Be aware that like many other hybrid bikes, the Hiland requires some construction on arrival, and that – especially as the bike comes from Taiwan – this may be more complicated than you think.


  • 14 speeds, to deal with more than the average commuter terrain
  • Shimano thumb shifter to help find the right gear in a hurry
  • Suspension frame and fork to help bring balance and comfort
  • Several height options allow the bike to serve a wide range of riders


  • Very much a commuter-forward bike, not great off-road
  • Beware complexity when constructing the bike


If you’re looking for the best hybrid bikes under 200, be aware that the price bracket is the playground in which mostly children’s bikes play.

That said, if you really search – or if you really read our handy guide – you can find adult hybrids that are worth your time and money in this price range.

Make a list before you shop of what sort of riding you’re aiming to do – it will help you find the best hybrid for your particular needs.

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