Best Hybrid Bikes Under $300

Hybrid bikes are great ways to work exercise into your daily life, as they let you ride in urban environments and on trails without needing separate bikes with different suspension factors and tires.

They’re do-it-all bikes, and they can also increase the amount of time a family spends together out in the open air, having adventures.

If you’re looking for the best hybrid bikes under 300, either for pure economy or to equip several members of a family, it can be tricky to sift through the bikes available on your budget to find the best of the best.

Fortunately, that’s what we’re here for. Let’s take a look at some of the best hybrid bikes under 300, so you can refine your choices.


Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women, 21-Speed, 28-inch Wheels, 16-inch/Small Frame, White

The Schwinn Discover hybrid bike is right at the top of the price range for this list – and in fact, it tap-dances back and forth over the line from time to time.

So if your budget is immovable, forgive us for including it here. We kept it in because it frequently qualifies on budget, and it offers a lot of hybrid bike for the price. 

First of all, it’s built of aluminum, which gives you two vital things in a hybrid bike – lightness and strength. Sure, steel will give you strength too, and there are some great steel-framed hybrid bikes.

But oh, the weight. That’s a factor both when you’re riding and when carrying or maneuvering the bike around obstacles, so aluminum is a gift from the bike-building gods. Score one for the Discover.

Second, check out the gears on this thing. It has 21 speeds. If you had 21 gears in your car and had to change them manually, you’d need a gear shift as big as the passenger seat.

But in hybrid bikes, the gears represent some of the underlying point of the bike.

It’s designed to be able to take you on everything from your daily commute to adventures on wild and rugged country trails. That broad variety of environments means there’s a place for 21 speeds.

As important as having the speeds to choose from when you need them, the Discover brings a Schwinn standard to the business of choosing the right speed for the right moment.

An SRAM grip shifter means you can easily move through the gears to find the speed you need, whether you’re creeping downhill in the driving rain, or grinding your way up a steep incline, weaving through city traffic, or picking your way down the side of a dubious mountainside. 

The combination of the 21 speeds and the SRAM grip shifter is a real confidence booster, delivering the right gear for the right biking challenge with little time wasted on fumbling with levers.

If and when you need them, the Discover is fitted with Promax alloy linear pull brakes, so you can be certain that when you want to stop, your word will be the Discover’s command.

The Discover is fitted with 700c tires on 28-inch wheels, meaning it gives you the equivalent of a firm stance, whether you’re on tarmac, gravel, or anything wilder.

And unlike some other hybrids, you can change the position of the stem and seat on the Discover, meaning you can ride it upright for better posture if you want. The swept-back upright handlebars help out with that too. 

The combination of confidence-boosting technology, thought and comfort is what makes the Schwinn Discovery our top choice for the best hybrid bike under $300.


  • Aluminum construction, bringing strength and lightness to the bike
  • 21 speeds and an advanced SRAM grip shifter to deliver the right gear for the right time
  • Adjustable central stem means the bike can be ridden upright for posture and comfort
  • A padded saddle gives maximum comfort and relief from tailbone pain while riding.
  • 700c tires give grip on smooth and rough terrain alike


  • While the brakes work well, you might need to regularly adjust them


Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike for Boys, Stone Mountain 20 inch 6-Speed, Metallic Cyan (73808)

Most hybrid bikes will skew one way or the other – towards street riding or trail riding. The Huffy Kids Hardtail minces no words – it leads with its mountain bike credentials. 

As the name also suggests, this is a bike that can be used by kids – anyone over the 5 feet mark is pretty much good to go. That, if nothing else, is a good reason why this bike doesn’t go the aluminum route but sticks with steel.

It’s useful to have the extra weight in a bike that kids will use, because it has an anchoring force that gives extra certainty when they ride.

It’s also deeply durable and resistant to the dings that a bike that can be ridden by kids is prone to. 

In most other respects though, it’s up there and challenging the Schwinn to be taken seriously.

The same 21 speeds mean the same level of control and help from urban environments to trails to mountain biking. A Shimano TZ-31 rear derailleur, combined with a micro-shift twist shifter, gives you rapid control over your speed-choice. 

The tires on the Huffy Kids Hardtail are 26 x 1.95 inches, which will give you the grip you need for most, if not all environments. While the bike is built to sing in the mountains, the tires won’t make it feel clunky when ridden on the street. 

The makers advise that anyone from the age of around 13 up can ride the Huffy Kids Hardtail. There’s ultimately very little reason why anyone from the age of 13 up wouldn’t want to.


  • Steel construction for rigorous, hardcore use
  • 21 speeds and a micro-twist shifter give you easy gear control
  • Tires are designed for mountain biking but will feel light and easy on street rides too


  • There’s a chance the ‘denim’-style paint job will be a turn-off after a certain age


Schwinn High Timber AL Youth/Adult Mountain Bike, Aluminum Frame, 24-Inch Wheels, 21-Speed, Red

We’re back with Schwinn – it’s no exaggeration to say the company has a lion’s share of the market – for the High Timber Mountain Bike.

Again, erring on the side of rugged riding, Schwinn applies the wonders of aluminum here, for that strength/lightness combination which is what Schwinn does best.

Here, there’s a range of options that make you think you’re buying a Volkswagen though – you can choose the High Timber with a wheel size from 20-29-inches.

Whatever size wheels you get though, they come with alloy rims and low rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance gives you added stability during your ride. 

You can also get the High Timber with a standard 7-speed set-up, or choose to go all-out with a 21-speed version. Standard alloy linear pull brakes can also be upgraded to disc brakes. 

24 X 2.1-inch all-terrain tires mean the High Timber will always feel like a mountain bike, whether or not there happens to be a mountain anywhere near it.

But all-terrain means all-terrain, rather than purely mountain-use tires, so the High Timber is a great option for younger riders, from around the age of 8.


  • Aluminum construction for strength and lightness
  • Available in 7- or 21-speed versions
  • A spectrum of color options
  • Comes with four-piece reflector kit to ensure visibility of younger riders


  • Aluminum in a bike for younger riders can be lighter than you’d like for safety


Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike Hybrid Retro-Styled Cruiser, 18-Inch/Medium Steel Step-Over Frame, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Rack, 700C Wheels, Blue

The Schwinn Wayfarer hybrid bike combines retro style and 21st century technology in an unusual hybrid bike.

Available in either step-through or step-over frames, it breaks from the Schwinn norm by being built of steel – hence the retro style. It also comes in two sizes – 16” and 18” – to broaden the range of cyclists who can use it

Seven speed-settings also break the general mold of Schwinn, which usually goes with the full 21-speed.

The Wayfarer comes with an alloy V braking system to make sure you’re always in control, and swept-back handlebars give you posture options as you ride.

With 700c wheels and traditional SRAM twist shifters for easy gear-changes, the Wayfarer blends an older, bolder look with some modern elements, to create a bike that feels like the best of worlds.

The Wayfarer is an oddity in the Schwinn pack, but a much-beloved one by lots of cyclists, for the combination of its old-fashioned sturdiness and simplicity and the Schwinn quality standard. 


  • Retro chic 
  • Steel construction 
  • Crisp alloy V braking system
  • Seven speed-settings


  • Assembly may defeat an amateur
  • Steel construction is relatively heavy
  • 7 speeds is a lot less than on some other Schwinn models


sixthreezero Around The Block Women's Beach Cruiser Bike, 1/3/7/21 Speed Bicycles, 26'/24' Wheels, Multiple Colors

sixthreezero has a bike for almost everyone, and the Around The Block single-speed beach cruiser is aimed at a very particular market – it’s commuter-heavy, with a rear rack for all the essentials you need en route.

Unlike some others, this is a bike that knows what it is and who it’s for, so it comes in one size only, the 17” all day long thank you very much. 

And while it’s unashamedly commuter-forward, it has 26”, 2.125”-wide wheels, which mean if you happen to commute through some rough terrain, the Around The Block has got you covered.

The pedal-backward coaster breaks aren’t perhaps the kind of thing you’d use for hardcore mountain biking, but with the surprisingly curved steel frame construction and the pastel paint job, this is not your go-to mountain bike in any case. 

As a cruiser though, the Around The Block (really, the clue is in the name) has all the styling you could want, with the storage you need, and a seat that, while not as padded as it could and would be in more long-distance bikes, gives you a comfortable ride on any of your shorter local commuting journeys. 


  • Curved steel construction gives weight and style
  • Rear rack allows for unencumbered carriage of essentials on commutes
  • Range of colors to look good while commuting


  • The seat is designed for shorter journeys, and so is not as padded as some other hybrids


The Roadmaster is a solid bike with steel construction, but it avoids the clunky feel of some steel models. 

26” wheels give you the circumference to ride easily and with confidence, and the front wheel here has a suspension fork to aid your balance en route. 

A standard 7 gears give you enough residual pulling power to cope with most urban terrain, including some pretty steep hills, while the tires are treaded for at least some degree of adventure – muddy roads, slippery pathways, rainy weather should all be no problem for the Roadmaster.

Again, as the name implies, this is more of a street kitty than a mountain lion, but as a hardcore commuter bike with a bit more roar than normal in its nature, the Roadmaster will keep you safe, but let you have a little fun along the way.

It’s also on the more affordable end of our list, meaning if what you need is a commuter-bike with power and grip, it might well be worth your time and money.


  • Steel construction makes for a solid street bike
  • 7 gears to help with most urban terrain
  • Suspension fork for smoothness of ride
  • Treaded tires for muddy and wet riding


  • 7 gears limit the control you have on uneven terrain
  • Not a hardcore mountain bike potential


EUROBIKE Road Bike, XC550 Bike,21 Speed Womens Road Bicycle,54Cm Frame Bikes for Men,Disc Brake 700C Adult Commuter Bike (Blackwhite 54cm High Rim)

The Eurobike is a surprising contender in our list, being from outside the family circle of usual suspects. But the Eurobike has enough to recommend it onto our list.

Another bike that’s street-centric, it’s available in 19” or 21” versions, giving a reasonable height range for potential riders.

What’s more, unlike some of the lower-priced variants on our list, the Eurobike takes the fight to the likes of Schwinn with a full 21-speed gear mechanism, for control on the flat, on hills, and even in rougher terrain.

One bonus of the Eurobike is that it comes with dual disc brakes, meaning you’re fully in control of the stop-and-go of your road bike.

Constructed of steel rather than the more lightweight aluminum, some riders might find it a little unwieldy, but the weight is handy in some street situations.

While it means you pedal harder – way to get fitter, faster – there’s a definition to the way the Eurobike moves that gives it a kind of home-run satisfaction in your gut.

Although towards the higher end of the pricing spectrum for our list, the build-quality, the hardcore braking system, and the 21 gears mean the Eurobike earns its place and is worth your consideration.


  • Steel construction for a heavier, more certain ride
  • 21 gears for ultimate control
  • Two height variants
  • Dual disc brakes for hardcore stopping power


  • Comes 85% constructed, meaning it requires quite a lot of work to finish. There’s no support service to help with that


Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike, 26-Inch

The Kent KZ2600 skews away from street work to find its home among the mountains.

As you might not be surprised to discover, it’s built of aluminum, so it gives you the lightness you need to negotiate rougher terrain with ease.

And as you also might suspect for a bike towards the upper borders of our price range on this list, it has a lot of the same features you’ll find on the more famous branded bikes that top that list. 

26 inches of height gets you off to a good start, giving you a fairly broad range of rider-heights to work with. 26” wheels double down on that, giving a breadth of wheel that can handle most things they’ll encounter on trails and rough terrain. 

21 gorgeous speeds and a set of linear pull brakes give you not only fantastic control but the power to attack the landscape with the gears you need.

A suspension fork gives you smoother riding, and a Shimano shifter lets you find the gear you need in a hurry.

You don’t technically need the alloy wheel rims that top off the Kent Dual-Suspension, but what the heck? Why not look cool every chance nature and bike design gives you?

The Kent bike is probably not among the better-known choices of hybrid bike under 300 you have.

It does have a lot of the same features as those that are, though, so you’d be foolish to pass by it without a second glance.


The Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie is a lot of hybrid bike with a cutesy name. 

Don’t be fooled by the cutesy name.

The frame is nearly 23 inches high, so it suits taller riders and it comes with 29 inch 700c alloy wheels too, giving you plenty of breadth and balance.

Cold, hard steel is in the heart of the Takara Sugiyama, and it brings a flip flop hub and freewheel to the party too. 

Disc brakes give you solid control – we love a disc brake because, perhaps more than any other kind, it feels definitive and certain in action, and it doesn’t ruin your rims if you need to slam it on. 

Adjustable seating and a rocking look make the Takara Sugiyama a hybrid to take note of.

It’s a comfortable street ride that might ultimately struggle in the wild, but would at least try it out without too many qualms.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Disc brakes for ultimate stopping power
  • Flip flop hub
  • Adjustable seating
  • Affordable


  • Steel may feel heavy in a street bike 


Mongoose Status 2.2 Mens and Womens Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, 21-Speed Shifters, Aluminum Frame, Front Suspension, Black/Red

The Mongoose Status 2.2 takes us back to lightweight, ultra-strong aluminum, and unashamedly skews towards the mountain bike side of the hybrid divide. 

26” wheels mean it’s here to do business, and while there’s a touch of the 80s retro about it, a black and red color scheme will make sure you can be spotted at all times by your fellow riders.

The Mongoose has a powerful front suspension fork to keep you as wobble-free as possible even in rough terrain. 

You want to know about the gears, don’t you? Relax, you have 21 to choose from here, and swift shifters mean you can find them and change them in the moment, almost instinctively.

For brakes, you have V-brakes front and rear – while they’re not as definitive as some, they allow for quick action in the event you encounter terrain that moves in ways it shouldn’t.

Add that 26x2.125 tires which will deal with almost anything the trail wants to throw at them, and what you end up with is a highly flexible, single-rider, two-wheeled tank.

And in case you worry that you won’t look quite mountain bike enough, the riser handlebar gives you the final touch, a kind of cowboy hat to complete the rough and tough ensemble.

The Mongoose 2.2 is not the hybrid bike for everybody. If you want to more or less commute and maybe go just a little wild on the weekends, there are better bikes for you further up the list.

If your heart truly beats to the mountain-bikers’ song though – whether or not you wear a suit to your day-job – the Mongoose might be the hybrid bike that’s been calling to you all the time.


Choosing your best hybrid bike under 300 is usually a choice between the sides of your nature.

While at higher price brackets, there are bikes which more fully merge the functions of street bikes and mountain bikes, under 300, you’re looking at a variety of bikes which skew mostly one way or another.

So before you pick the bike for you, ask yourself exactly what you need it for.

Knowing that will guide your buying process and let you find the best hybrid bike for your particular needs.

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