Best Mountain Bikes Under $1500

Created for serious off-road cycling, mountain bikes are a great investment whether you’re an amateur biker or could compete in the next Tour de France.

Abilities aside, though, knowing what to look for in a quality model can be tricky.

With so many manufacturers out there these days, and a myriad of styles and accessories to consider, even the most experienced rider can find bike shopping an overwhelming experience.

That’s where we come in...

blue mountain bike beside mountain

Having done all that tricky research for you, we present some of our favorite bikes on the market right now, each at a different price point beneath fifteen hundred dollars.

Hopefully, there’s a ride on here to suit every customer.

Happy shopping!


Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike 24 inch, 26 inch, 27.5 inch, 24 Inch Wheels/16.75 Inch Frame, Matte Acid Green

Perfect for riders aged 12-19 (within a height range of 58 and 60 inches), this super cool Huffy Hardtail is a quality hardtail bike from a reputable manufacturer - a clear gloss overcoat is responsible for its remarkable shine, whichever color you choose.

Made from lightweight aluminum, you’ll get plenty of rolling momentum, accompanied by an all-Shimano drivetrain which delivers 21 speeds that offer seamless, smooth twist shifting for all-terrain rides.

Uneven ground is not a problem thanks to the absorbing powers of a suspension fork on the front tire.

Speaking of tires, they’re oversized at 24 inches, maximizing traction on gravel paths whether conditions are wet or dry, muddy or rocky.

The premium ATB saddle is especially comfortable and the stitched sides ensure it will last for as long as the rest of this well-designed, well-built bike.

Upright riding is more than possible with the slight-rise handlebars, and will minimize any pain.

Linear alloy pull brakes worth well with machined alloy wheel rims to provide smooth and strong stopping power, whilst Kraton grips and resin pedals are responsible and built with the comfort of the rider in mind. 


  • Especially well-made bike for young people
  • Lightweight aluminum frame with eight wicked designs
  • Supersize, super-steady tires
  • Shimano drivetrain for smooth switching


  • Not a bike for over eighteens


Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike with 27.5' Wheels, 18'/Medium, Red

An Overdrive from Diamondback promises a quality mountain bike that you won’t have to empty your pockets for.

Reimagining their classic model, it’s back and better than ever: for diehard hardtail fans or cycling newbies, look no further.

A butted 5051-T6 aluminum frame is stylish and speedy, so you’ll look and feel good.

Combined with the ideal Shimano 3x8 speed drivetrain and Suntour XCT cranks, the wide range of gears make uphill climbing and drifting descents a piece of cake.

27.5” inch wheels are large and perfectly ridged to absorb bumpy terrain.

Paired with Suntour’s XCT 27 coil spring fork, boasting 80mm of travel, your ride will be smoother than ever, whether on the road or off it.

Thanks to Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes, supported by 160mm rotors, you can always achieve the ideal stopping time.

Whether it’s dry and sunny or wet and windy, you’ll handle this ride cooly and calmly every time.

Shipped ready to ride, having been hand built at the factory, all you’ll have to do is secure your seat, pedals and front wheel, and it’s riding time. Simply pump up those tires and off you go!


  • Shimano drivetrain for quality gear switching
  • Aluminum frame - lightweight and heavy duty
  • Dependable Tektro disc brakes
  • Comes ready-assembled


  • Wouldn’t suit riders above 5’10”


Hiland 26 27.5 Inch Mountain Bike for Women,21/24 Speed with Lock-Out Suspension Fork,Dual Disc Brakes,Aluminum Frame MTB,Adult Ladies Womens Bike Mens Bicycle

With an attractive aluminum frame designed with women in mind, this MTB from Hiland promises the ultimate experience for ladies who cycle.

At sixteen inches, manufacturers suggest it is most suitable for riders 5’3- 5’9” tall.

A lockout front suspension fork supports your front wheel even on uneven ground.

The inclusion of 24-speed Shimano gears in the drivetrain allows seamless switching between riding up and down hill, retaining your momentum.

Customers are able to choose between two tire sizes. 26” wheels are great for nifty movements on narrower paths, whilst the slightly bigger 27.5” tires will increase stability whilst remaining easy enough to control.

Double disc brakes are smooth and assure maximum stopping distance, even in adverse weather or during rougher rides, so you can take this bike out all year round. Coarse and craggy trails will be no match for you!

This bike comes 85% pre-assembled in either a shiny mint green or dazzling purple.

Customers report this is relatively simple, and the box includes all the tools you’ll need to put the rest together, so don’t worry about picking any up.


  • Especially designed for women riders
  • Stylish in mint green or purple
  • Choose your ideal wheel size
  • Aluminum alloy frame is sturdy but slight


  • Some assembly required


Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-inch Wheels, 4-Inch Wide Knobby Tires, 7-Speed, Steel Frame, Front and Rear Brakes, Navy Blue

Tackle any off-road terrain, no trouble, on this Dolomite fat tire bike from Mongoose.

With an attractive 17 inch navy blue steel frame, it’s recommended for riders between 5’6” and 6’0” for safe and secure riding.

Strong, lightweight alloy rims minimize weight and increase speed for an optimum performance, and seven speed twist shifters make hill-climbing even easier. 

Riding is also more comfortable in general with the beach cruiser pedals.

Front and rear disc brakes maximizeterrain your safety whilst riding, so you’ll be able to stop in plenty of time whatever the weather.

Take your bike out to the muddiest tracks without fear of getting stuck, even with a heavier frame.

Supersize, all-terrain four inch knobby tires can conquer any mountain track - after nearly forty years of bike production, Mongoose aims to create bikes that push riding to the limit, and this model is no different, handling from sand to snow effortlessly.

Fully assembled when it arrives to you, this bike is ready to ride right out of the box, and it even comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Should you have any issues, simply contact the manufacturer for a simple, easy resolution.


  • Well executed fat bike design
  • Ships ready assembled
  • Super-sized all terrain tires
  • High quality at a budget-friendly price


  • May be too hard for less experienced riders 


Moscow Electric Mountain Bike 624Wh 48V/13AH Matte White 29'

With their excluse e-bike frames having been rigorously tested to guarantee quality, the NCM Moscow electric MTB is sure to please amateurs and professionals alike.

A 100% aluminum alloy frame minimizes weight without losing durability.

The custom 500w Das-Kit X15 rear-drive motor is exceptional, delivering high class torque, capable of boosting you up the steepest inclines with ease.

Your peak performance is about to get even more powerful.

Multiple indicators on the Das-Kit L7B display allow you to set your motor’s power output, choosing between 6 different levels of pedal-assist.

The DeHawk Lithium-ion battery is removable, and can provide over 75 miles of support to its rider.

A Shimano drivetrain from shifters to derailleurs create a smooth, versatile 21-speed shifting system for sleek transitions, accompanied by Tektro disc brakes for optimum stopping speed even in wet and windy weather.

Even on the toughest, longest rides, you’ll stay comfortable with the Velo ergonomic grips, and a Suntour XCT suspension fork will certainly smooth out your ride.

Its preload adjustments let you dial it in, for increased performance on steep climbs.


  • Full Shimano drivetrain and Suntour suspension
  • High powered motor for 75 miles of boosted ride
  • Velo grips are comfy and non-slip
  • Aluminum alloy frame - deft and attractive



From its heavy-duty carbon steel frame to those thick 26 inch tires, this fat Outroad 21 speed mountain bike offers a comfortable ride in any conditions.

This baby can best accommodate riders who are between 5’5” and 6’2”.

Supersized, all-terain knobby tires offer a strong non-slip grip and high resistance to wear and tear, whether you’re riding in snow, mud, dirt or gliding along city roads.

A thickened front fork has plenty of shock absorption whilst resisting deformation.

Quality Shimano gears offer seamless shifting between ascending steep inclines and gliding back down again, whilst disc brakes ensure you’ll be able to stop in plenty of time, whether paths are wet or dry, smooth or muddy.

Though this bike is certainly on the heavier end of the spectrum, it rides perfectly fine, and it’s great for building endurance whether you’re an amateur or a professional.

On the bright side, it’s also incredibly sturdy.

Whilst everything you’ll require for putting this bike together is included in box, it doesn’t come ready-assembled, so there is some work involved.

Manufacturers advise this will take between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on experience.


  • Huge, all-terrain 26” tires
  • Thick carbon steel frame
  • Quality Shimano drivetrain
  • Fork suspension


  • Heavier than a typical MTB


SAVADECK Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike, DECK6.0 15''/17''/19'' Carbon Frame Carbon Fork, 27.5/29'' Wheels MTB Bicycle 30 Speed with Shimano DEORE M6000 Groupsets (White, 29'x15')

Whilst it’s the most expensive bike on our list, the Deck300 from Savadeck is absolutely worth the investment if it’s worth your while and you have the budget.

Choose from three attractive designs for a style that suits you.

The Toray T800 carbon fiber frame is simultaneously strong and lightweight, for swift riding without compromising the bike’s ability to take a beating. This is only aided by 

an ST Suntour fork for 100mm of suspension travel, for added comfort.

An all-Shimano drivetrain is both easy to control and seamlessly shifts, so even new riders can quickly switch to the gear most suited to the incline of their ride.

Shimano MT2000 Disc brakes are equally as high-quality and provide great stopping power.

Whilst not entirely assembled before shipping, most of the work is done for you before it arrives, so it won’t be long before you’re out on the road.

All that’s left is to add the front wheel, seat post and pedals, and maybe giving the tires a pump.

Customers can also select the wheel height that suits them, between 26 and 29 inches, in order to provide the optimum ride for your desired terrain and tracks.

A really customizable bike! 


  • Shimano disc brakes AND drive train - quality components
  • Carbon fiber frame is svelte and takes a beating
  • Three designs to pick from
  • Choose the tires that best suit you


  • Not recommended for riders over 180cm


With fitted 24 speed Shimano shifters, this Merax mountain bike is capable of moving from gear to gear with ease, great if you’re planning on riding through bumpy terrain on a regular basis. 

A lightweight aluminum frame is supported by 26 inch Kenda tires, both being slender enough to navigate narrow paths and sturdy enough to support you whilst riding, whether conditions are smooth or rough.

Dual disc linear pull brakes provide enhanced stopping power through rain or shine; the front suspension fork increases your control and allows fluid riding even when you’re going over the rockiest roads.

You’ll find this model is particularly light for a mountain bike - in comparison with other options on our list, anyway - so if you’re looking for something that’s easy enough to carry around, this is the bike for you.

It doesn’t arrive assembled, though you’ll find everything you need to put the bike together, including a set of clear instructions in the box.

Customers report that this process is difficult without prior experience, however.


  • Aluminum frame, light and steady
  • Kenda tires, dependable and rugged
  • Especially light for an MTB
  • Dual disc linear pull brakes


  • May be difficult for amateurs to assemble


EUROBIKE X9 29ER Mountain Bike,Lightweight XL Mens or Womens Mountain Bicycle,21 Speed 29 Inch Mountain Bike,Disc Brake Commute MTB Bike (Green-3 Spoke)

This aluminum 21 speed from Eurobike is on the budget-friendly end of our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less of a quality bike.

According to the manufacturers it’s suitable for riders between 5’8” and 6’2”.

It’s made with mountain bikers in mind, so all of the features are heavy duty and reinforced. 3 spoked, magnesium alloy tires offer easy control for riders in wet and dry weather - get out for a ride whenever!

A 6061 aluminum alloy frame is dependable and supportive, whilst reducing the overall weight of the bike, so you’ll be able to reach optimum speeds faster.

It weighs only thirty pounds, so it’s one of the more portable mountain bikes on our list.

Dual disc brakes mean maximum stopping power no matter the situation, so combined with those excellent tires, you’ll be able to ride smoothly and securely with peace of mind.

If you have to skid, at least you’ll be safe!

Everything that’s required for assembly is included in the package, and the bike comes 85% complete - there are just a few simple steps to follow before you’re ready to hit the road, but it shouldn’t be too complicated.


  • Slender 6061 aluminum alloy frame
  • Shock-absorbing fork on front tire
  • Dependable dual disc brakes
  • Almost assembled, with all the tools you need to finish


  • Only recommended for a small height range


The most affordable bike on our list, but not to be underestimated, we love this one from Homeland Hardware.

Both the frame and tire rims are made from durable aluminum alloy, for a lightweight build that’s sturdy and long-lasting.

Hefty 26 inch wheels can maintain an impressive rolling momentum, equipped with all-terrain tread for less resistance than conventional tires.

Adjust the padded saddle to ensure a perfect fit that’s just right for you, comfy enough to ride for hours.

Both front and rear dual disc brakes will provide excellent, efficient stopping time no matter how hard it’s raining or thick the mud.

Quality 21-speed drivetrain from Shimano offers a precise performance on every single ride.

The hi-tensile steel top tube fork is an excellent shock absorber for those especially turbulent tracks, and as the handlebar has a slight rise, you’ll be able to ride upright safely and securely, without any risk.

Manufacturers recommend this bike as appropriate for riders between 4’9” and 5’6” in height.

Customers can choose between two different colors, blue and red, for a design that suits them.


  • Budget friendly option
  • 21 speed Shimano drivetrain
  • Dual disc braking system
  • Two designs to choose from


  • Not suitable for taller riders


Otherwise known as an MTB, mountain bikes are rigorous enough for off-road riding even on the bumpiest, hazard-filled terrain.

All of the above are great examples, but how are you going to choose?

Whether you go for carbon fibre, aluminum or steel, the more durable your bike is, the better. Traditionally, mountain bikes were built with 26” wheels, but nowadays you’ll find them up to 29, depending on your preference and budget.

Hardtail mountain bikes have a suspension fork on their front tire, with the back one held rigidly whilst you ride.

They’re swift and lightweight, but offer less support. Full suspension bikes have suspension on both tires, front and back, for extra stability.

Whichever model you opt for, make sure it’s going to be appropriate for a rider of your skill level.

Consider material, weight, tire height and drivetrain, ensuring you select a bike that’s fitting for the kind of rides you want to go on. Good luck!

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